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We bring search traffic back to small businesses.

Search In A Box is one of the first All in One SEM for small and medium businesses. The goal of search in a box is to provide all kinds of low budget businesses get search visibility in a semi-automated way.

We are working hard with the team to keep the tool working for with minimal effort from the customers.

Our goal is to set it once and let it run by itself without continuous input from search in a box users.


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We developed a Node.js weather application.

We are excited to launch our new company and product Ooooh. After being featured in too many magazines to mention and having created an online stir, we know that Ooooh is going to be big. You may have seen us in the Dinosaurs’ Den where we were we told that we didn’t need them because we were already doing it so well ourselves.

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With Search In A Box you can stop worrying about acquiring new customers and focus on improving the quality of your products and services. With our all in one solution, you are at last free of all the SEO & SEA tasks. If you want to learn more about the project just follow the links and let the magic happen. 😉

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